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NEC-RS-1001 NEC-RS-1001

Hand honed, hollow ground Fully polished Hand honed, hollow ground
Fully polished

NEC-RS-1002 NEC-RS-1002

Color Gold
Coated Off-set
Hair Shears Scissors

NEC-RS-1003 NEC-RS-1003

Finger Inserts
Adjustment Tension Screw
Hand-Sharpened Cutting Edges

NEC-RS-1004 NEC-RS-1004

Razor edge blades
Adjustable tension
Japanese stainless steel

NEC-RS-1005 NEC-RS-1005

5.5" Right handed blue titanium shear.
Easy to handle.

NEC-RS-1006 NEC-RS-1006

Pro-5-5 in lilly flower
hairdressing scissors
Easy to handle.

NEC-RS-1007 NEC-RS-1007

Razor Edge thinning scissors
made of Japanese steel
J/2 - 420, HRC°.

NEC-RS-1008 NEC-RS-1008

Available in fix, limitation.
adjustable and hand adjustable screws
with and without leaf spring.

NEC-RS-1009 NEC-RS-1009